Use it daily if you want to be a senior decision-maker and thought-leader
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When used properly, this software allows you to dig deep. It is a critical tool. You should ensure that you quickly get used to using it daily if you are, or want to be, a senior decision-maker and thought-leader.
Apply the models and frameworks to your particular business issues, in the same way that expensive consultants, MBAs and PHDs do.
Use the models and frameworks to generate ideas, strategies, goals, action-plans, comparisons, analysis, solutions etc. Use the models and frameworks as base structures and add nodes to make them grow to match your very specific environment.

Main features:

-Use the drop down lists to insert individual, or multiple, models and frameworks.
-Click a node to add it to the screen.
-Click and hold node to move it around.
-Double click node to enter new text.
-Singleclick on the color boxes to change the node colors.
-Use height and width scale to size a selected node. -Click the “default” button to ensure all new nodes are the same, new size.
-To create an arrow, click on the source node and then the destination node and then the arrow icon.
-Use the tiny, circular node to create arrow to arrow or arrow to node links.

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